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Not only you think this is OK for us to spend time removing your unwanted extensions; not only you think it is OK to sneak them past us with almost no Michael Mol Says: April 15th, 2010 at 11:51 am Just a few weeks ago, Norton FP'd on a binary that we include with every single product we ship. It will throw red flags immediately. I downloaded the update & got a bad program that gave me pop-ups that would not stop.I needed alot of research to offload it from my pc luc says: August 6,

The rbldns program is an IP-address-listing DNS server. Not providing the source code of a free (gratis) software is suspicious. Just a lot of loyal fans putting their own reputations on the line. Antivirus companies always want to make more sells, but they don't really care about false positives in their products. browse this site


Applying to Trinity University is easy. It includes several components: The dnscache program is a local DNS cache. FACT: the install prog defaults and prompts are cleverly designed to give your partner crapware the best possible chance of slipping in should the user not pay extremely close attention. link under Protection Against Web Threats. 4.

  1. That's not the issue at all.
  2. or well.. . ...
  3. This time, I clicked on the SONAR details, and to Norton's 360 credit I saw the option to ignore this so called "threat" and ignore it in future scans.
  4. I use Little Snitch, & you took the words right outta my mouth.
  5. Stupid users still may blame you if theydo not read "readme" files.
  6. Pete Says: September 4th, 2009 at 4:17 pm How about lobbying the anti-virus/malware testing organisations to include false positives as a negative in their testing?
  7. claudio Says: January 23rd, 2010 at 5:51 am Hi, I experienced the same problem!
  8. Only update from the official Web site, and my last word is to Azureus: Leave my browser settings alone.
  9. Cheers!

You think anybody wants there browser hijacked you guys suck so much. Even the "Kaspersky removal tool" is detected as a trojan by Mcafee. I attached a few photos of Vuze's installation process, yahoo toolbar, and search engine included… good luck and enjoy vuze. Virustotal I am pretty damn sure they are NOT INFECTED!

The MAZZTer Says: May 19th, 2009 at 9:29 am I agree this is a pain, whenever I plug in my thumb drive into another computer I find Norton happily deleting files Spybot It's your computer - and Sam Spade can help you learn more about it than you ever thought you could. Just wanted to say I share your worry about the whole issue. I dislike it too… i failed my pc first few times too… but we just have to learn to live with crappy installers.

We are catalysts. Avira Kimmo Says: October 14th, 2009 at 7:40 am Just today I tried to download NirLauncher and the zip file is intercepted by Trend Micro during download and I cannot download it. When my McAfee comes up and says that your software is a Trojan (like it just did) - it is a false statement and it is damaging your business. It is a package which is designed to simplify creation and management of LVS based clusters.


Nick Hood says: November 9, 2014 at 4:52 pm Thanks for your comment. It doesn't seem to matter if someone agree's to them, or customizes the installation by declining everything but the core program. Combofix To keep your password safe, the server actually stores your password in a file on local disk. Adwcleaner Now, if THAT'S not the very DEFINITION of a VIRUS, I don't know what is.

Transfers of small updates to large files are optimized using a compression protocol similar to rsync. Yes, we all need to be a bit more careful with strangers but the whole point of this discussion is about the failure of Vuze (the corporation) to recognise that you I was actully saying good things about Vuze until this started happening, and was considering donating to the cause. Maybe they come up with a few things to look for, like however my update code looks to their detection engine, then blanket this as a downloader trojan for all files Malwarebytes

But this CONDUIT never EVER appeared in any of my custom installs. HTML: A Usability Test At http://www.dack.com/web/flashVhtml/ Crappy websites that overuse Flash technology to peeve off browsers Warning - some of these sites will crash your web-browser, operating system or not let Charlie Stein '18 Mathematics & Computer Science Austin, TX Read More→ Academics At Trinity, academic excellence is expected. Bruce Says: November 14th, 2009 at 1:10 am The only way for this to change is for small software publishers to collectively sue 2-3 antivirus software companies (e.g., Symantec, McAfee) for

Maurie Richardson says: August 22, 2015 at 12:37 am VUSE UPDATE MALWARE WARNING: Saturday 22 Aug 2015 - Just updated Vuze to on my MacBook OS10.6.8 via the popup update Avast It is not just about trust, the reason they develop it is that you can discover new 3th party software that you also might like to have. Overall it is one of those issues that don't have clear and easy solution.

no detection or no real helpful action in case of detection.

The most useful feature, though, has got to be it's super-comprehensive help files - including manuals and tutorials on Internet addresses, spam, e-mail analysis, and, of course, detailed instructions on how We communicate with anti-virus vendors every month, but false alarms come back. I would be grateful if you could provide a solution that doesn't involve resetting my Firefox to it's original state. Avg Free Please let us inform you that detection will be changed from virus trojan detection to Potentially unwanted program.

The interesting thing is that months later, stuff remains on your computer that you did not overtly authorise. Ugh. To enable plain-text passwords, add the Registry entry EnablePlainTextPassword (reg Dword) 1 in the following Registry location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD\Vnetsup At http://www.amherst.edu/~pdchapin/access/win98samba.html SAMBA and Windows 98 and Windows NT4(service pack 3 or later) It supports load balancing and client differentiation.

Conduit is a hijacker and once you get it, you may spend weeks getting rid of it. Another thing: what does upgrading software have to do with malware bundled applications? This is the best place for issues that involve an infection because we can keep track of the interaction and get logs from your system to help investigate. I assume this shit was trying to check the domain through some external DNS tool and although it had loaded properly decided that this must not exist!

TS Says: May 30th, 2010 at 3:28 pm Completely right - just using a runtime packer or some other not-so-widespread technique is usually enough to put you into the virus/malware report Scan out all the spyware, malware, trojans and whatever using a range of different software. When they breached the trust, I reported it here for others to be warned so that they might be much more circumspect about the program and not suffer the same experience. And after I read your blogpost about "antivirus companies - a headache for small developers", I am really frustrated!!!

I hear being patronising (with a bit of arrogance chucked in) always works like a charm against patronisers….?? No more. We are curious. I was curious about it & wanted to see what it is. (yes, I kno what it did to ‘the cat'- curiosity, that is) Let me say I know my ways