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BT Voyager 190?

I feel like Inspector Morse! ;o) Cor Squbel - 27.12.05 2:00 am Lunar Wolf said..: I think the 2091 is a stripped down 2110, anyone want to have a go at Regards, Jim cor - 05.12.05 5:42 am Okay, Jim, that's a start, definitely. Can you other 2091 guys disconnect and change your user/pass? Noted about the power supply but it's strange that it won't work as the power supply fits perfectly well. have a peek here

Connect the dsl to the router and connect your router to the PC via ethernet. What about the others.. 210V ISP Unlocked! vof col - 03.02.06 1:24 pm Hi, The fix for the 2091 will not work for me, i have tried a few times. It looks identical to the 205 but when you try to use it with another ISP you get a message saying 'Unsupported Broadband Service. http://corz.org/network/routers/Voyager/other.bt.voyager.routers.php

BT Voyager 2091 UNLOCKED! Anyway i've no particular reason to unlock this device... Open IE and type in 4.

  1. cor - 22.11.05 10:58 pm [205 stuff snipped] swapmeetpete, Mort, hohoho, thanks for the Voyager 2091 information, but until someone can verify that 205 telnet commands are in any way useful
  2. Robbie Father Ted - 21.12.05 6:24 pm I also have a BT Voyager 2091, and I cannot find anyway of using it with another service provider!
  3. One thing's for sure, anyone who's ever doubted the Voyager 205's capabilities, be it for 24/7 operation, or overall capacity, just need to take a look at my latest letter from

Actaually, no, I've had enough of BT, 40GB/month! Keep up the good work! The BT Voyager 2091 has been cracked! Feel free to continue coordinatung your efforts right here. [205 stuff snipped] for now.. ;o) Cor Unclebob - 26.12.05 2:11 pm Hey guys Lunar Wolf, u defo have the older firmware

Unlocked BT Voyager 220 Firmware Want to use your 220V with a different ISP? I HATE USB - NO WAY WOULD I BE USING THAT ;o) ragnorak - 29.01.06 12:44 pm hi peeps, just got bt broadband basic package this month, which came with the I posted in their forum to see if anyone knows anything about this 2091 and I'm just waiting for a reply now but I get the feeling I might just have H y p n o t i s e yourself!

I doubt you can telnet to a modem, even an ethernet modem ianXX(committed) Mon 09-Oct-06 22:49:41 Re: BT Voyager 190 ADSL modem [re: movie] [link to this post] In reply Open your web browser and type in You should connect automatically Now click on Quick Start Now click DISCONNECT the option to put your own username and password now appears, The PPP User Nameis provided in your broadband welcome pack in the format:[email protected] Family and Business Broadband packages, [email protected]for Unlimited Broadband.The PPP Password will, by default, be a random string of I have seen the BT voyager 205 advertised as "works with any ISP" on ebay and they can go for as little as Deity(regular) Wed 11-Oct-06 00:17:16 Re: BT Voyager 190

edinclimb - 30.01.06 7:21 pm Does anyone know how to edit the web interface of the browser? https://www.daniweb.com/hardware-and-software/hardware/threads/48862/new-bt-voyager-190 This is going to be fun though! If the 190 works then fine, sell 205 back on ebay, if not then hopefully 205 will work and it will not be a wasted journey. Will have a better look tomorrow and see if I can find something useful.

BTW, what is the Firmware Version listed on your Status/Overview config page? navigate here wait a good 5mins all lights should be green on router point web browser at again ensure the VPI/VCI setting are set to 0/38 ensure ADSL is connected and web I haven't spent any quality time with the GPL code, but I may try a few cross-compiles myself. previous comments (fourty eight pages)show all comments el es - 17.03.08 12:11 am Just have successfully...

An unlocked firmware is available.. even tried to start modding my firmware with tricks given on http://skaya.enix.org/wiki/BroadCom96345 but can't get this damn octify.py script working with my cygwin python... I recommend this. Check This Out I've not got a 2091 so could you post the source or appropriate bits from the script here?

Hmm. I believe that's what the AOL software is doing (acting as a PPPoE client) If you use WinXP, then you would have realised that the PPPoE Internet coneection wizward would let An unlocked firmware is available..

Then it turns out that BT are adding this "capability" to other routers in their range.

give me a shout. Thanx in advance, Jim cor - 03.12.05 2:36 pm nope. Weird. I do have a more modern router supplied by AOL but as I mentioned in my OP as I wanted to use that modem with my new computer but it doesn't

Cheers Cor, happy Chrimbo! Pages in this thread: 1|2|(show all) Print Thread np1664(newbie) Mon 09-Oct-06 20:51:31 BT Voyager 190 ADSL modem [link to this post] Hi, I received a BT Voyager 190 modem In his own words, roughly.. this contact form in left hand menu.

Do I need to do anything else? We know the 220, 210, and 2500 have been similarly nobbled, and perhaps others. The BT Voyager 205 is not locked to any particular ISP, and when I eventually upgrade it, I will either pass it on to someone who needs it, or perhaps investigate BT are useless when it comes to supplying technical documentation, but other ISP's and manufacturers perform excellently in this respect (thank you solwise!).