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Can I Disable The Ethernet Jack On My Expansion Base?

If you run BootUtilwithout any command line options, it displays a listing of all of the supported Intel network adapters found in the system. If you have already ruled out the other issues in the previous steps and the problem follows your laptop to multiple docking stations, then please swap your HDD with another laptop This is useful in cases where Cisco UCS requires a connection to a Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) device. Step 5   Right-click the port channel you want to disable and choose Enable Port Channel. his comment is here

The fixed module does not include uplink Fibre Channel ports. Complete steps 1-4 to ensure the fault is with the dock. This example shows how to configure channel mode as active: switch(config)# int po114 switch(config-if)# channel mode active Creating a Fibre Channel Port ChannelEnabling a Fibre Channel Port ChannelDisabling a Fibre Channel If your UPnP router has not been tested to be compatible with Synology NAS device, do either of the following: If you want to automatically set up connection to the router, http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c00344554

Also in this picture it shows a bridge interface which occurs when you bridge one or more interfaces together. To troubleshoot faulty ports on a dock, you follow the same steps as for faulty ports on a system. WARNING: For security reasons it is recommended that CHAP settings are disabled when using this option. -RESTORECONFIG Restores previously saved iSCSI boot configuration snapshot on the selected port.

  1. The prefix is comprised of 4 hex digits.
  2. You can site a docking station on a desk or work space with permanent access to additional storage, printers and other peripherals.
  3. Step 5   In the Actions area, click Reconfigure.
  4. They cannot be used with the -ALL option. -WWPNPREFIX Specifies the Prefix to use for the WWPN.
  5. They have almost all of the same characteristics of their predecessors, the E-Port and E-Port+, except that they now support the USB 3.0 devices.
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  8. Step 5   In the Work pane, click the General tab.
  9. Step 6   In the Actions area, click Unconfigure.

ProcedureStep 1   In the Navigation pane, click the Equipment tab. Uplink port—As an Ethernet port for only Ethernet traffic. Configuring Port Modes for a 6248 Fabric Interconnect Caution Changing the port mode on either module can cause an interruption in data traffic because changes to the fixed module require a Features E-Port Plus II E-Port II E-Port Plus E-Port E-Legacy Expansion Port E-Monitor Stand Connector 1 1 1 1 0 USB or eSata Connector 1 1 1 1 0 USB 3.0

Unified Uplink Ports When you configure an Ethernet uplink and an FCoE uplink on the same physical Ethernet port, it is called the unified uplink port. Power Management Options Parameter Description -WOLENABLE or -WOLE Enables Wake On Lan (WOL) functionality on the selected port. -WOLDISABLE or -WOLD Disables Wake On Lan (WOL) functionality on the selected port. Step 4   Expand the Port Channels node. anchor For unified uplink ports and unified storage ports, when you create two interfaces, only one license is checked out.

Do one of the following: Click Next to configure the port mode for ports in expansion module 2. Setting up Router Before adding port forwarding rules, you need to set up a connection between your Synology NAS device and the router. All data traffic through that fabric interconnect is interrupted. On the expansion module you could configure ports 1–4 in Ethernet port mode and then configure ports 5–16 in Fibre Channel mode.

The error-disable function helps prevent these situations. look at this site FCoE uplink ports connect to upstream Ethernet switches using the FCoE protocol for Fibre Channel traffic. The Beacon LED property can be configured to show you which ports are grouped in one port mode: either Ethernet or Fibre Channel. To avoid unexpected errors, please do not enable Link Aggregation on the switch even when it is supported.

Step 6   In the Threshold Definitions screen of the Create Threshold Class wizard, click Add. Step 7   If a confirmation dialog box displays, click Yes. After saving the rules, you might need to wait for a few minutes before the rules start working, depending on the models of your routers. A Port Replicator will allow multiple screens to be connected and used with your notebook.

Note These commands can all be used on the same command line to configure the whole target in one shot. Note: With Link Aggregation enabled, the network traffic will automatically get adjusted and balanced for each connected device. With this mode, the lost links can be detected but not the cause (e.g., when the Ethernet cables are unplugged or the switch is misconfigured). Step 4   Expand the Port Channels node.

Step 4   Click one or more of the ports under the FC Ports node. Knowledge Base Compatibility Download Center Get Support Security Advisory Tutorials & FAQ Video Tutorials Help Articles DiskStation Manager Tutorial Get Started With DSM Store files to Synology NAS Store files from Each byte can be separated with '-' or ':' as an optional separator.

Step 8   The Cisco UCS Manager GUI displays a success message.

Step 5   In the Work pane, click the General tab. These ports are not reserved. You can check your Warranty Status on the link below : Warranty Status. Example of a valid configuration— Might include unified ports 1–16 on the fixed module configured in Ethernet port mode and ports 17–32 in Fibre Channel port mode.

Step 8   The Cisco UCS Manager GUI displays a success message. Effect of Port Mode Changes on Data Traffic Port mode changes can cause an interruption to the data traffic for the Cisco UCS domain. IMPORTANT: Connecting to a 100BaseTX Network If you are connecting to a 100BaseTX network, you must install an optional 100BaseTX Ethernet Module. If instead you have a Latitude tablet, please check out the article below: A guide to Docking Station Solutions for your Latitude Tablet PC.

Port1(eth1) is actually disabled by default on the router. If the fault stays with the dock, then the issue is with the dock. Tick the Enable DMZ checkbox.