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How To Destroy A Laptop Hard Drive


Henry Massey I was moving my wife's computer into a quieter case…when I unplugged the SATA cable from the back of the drive, it turned out the PCB was cracked.  I You are talking about actual recovery attempts - actual works! Remember that the heads fly on the surface by aerodynamic forces. I don't put the HD for hours or a day. have a peek here

Microwaves in and of themselves are not strong enough to destroy data, so don’t think a one second zap will do the trick. or is it just a phrase that people are using to describe their hard drive failing? 21 answers Last reply Aug 10, 2006 More about hard drive burnout OmidAug 8, 2006, I'm already familiar with expensive retrieval services and have no intention of going down that route. Just saying: if you think the Fed is onto you for what’s on your computer, how do you think they’re going to feel when they find explosives instead?

How To Destroy A Laptop Hard Drive

AbeltechReviews 43,723 views 15:29 How to recover data from a hard drive (stuck heads: buzzing, clicking, etc) - Duration: 10:28. LinusTechTips 358,541 views 6:10 How to recover data on external hard drive - Duration: 5:18. These should work well enough to scramble any remaining data after wiping your drive. Gaming consoles that are close the dying can sometimes be put onto borrowed time by cooking a mainboard in this fashion.

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. I get 5 or 10 minutes of read time so I prioritize the files I'm looking for. If I hadn't tried the freezer trick, the data would be in the trash with the drive. Destroy Hard Drive Platter if what hamluis said didn't work and the information on the drive is inportant enough to you this is what I would do.

As far as getting an enclosure, you'll need to figure out if your current drive is an IDE or SATA. Sure, if someone steals something, you don’t pay for that directly, but you pay for that in increased retail price for the goods you buy.   You say that free estimate They needed the data and didn't have an option but to get it repaired. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20130612153148AA5S6Ps If you are a hardcore techie you might want to try some of the stuff suggested by other respondents.

Likewise, if you're like me, you might have purchased hard drives in batches, or purchased popular drives where you *may* be able to use a PCB from a sacrificed drive. How To Destroy A Hard Drive Quickly According to Seagate's FAQ, a TVS diode "protects a sensitive circuit by diverting damaging overvoltages and spikes away from the load." When a spike occurs, the diode blows. The service is fast and of highest quality. Loren Pechtel Even if there is only one chance that doesn't mean they have actually recovered the files-it would be faster to simply make an image of the drive.

How To Destroy A Hard Drive With A Hammer

Nice article Log in to Reply Shane October 19, 2011 I have a cooked PCB also due to incorrect power supply being plugged into HDD device, I have read many threads read this post here If a disk stops working, it does me little good to try to decipher why it failed. How To Destroy A Laptop Hard Drive Thanks again!Click to expand... How To Destroy A Hard Drive With Water Fun level: 6 2 Hold a trial by microwave.

The drive was never recognized in BIOS, which nixed any chance of using disk recovery software to extract data.This is a story of my efforts to repair the drive myself, my navigate here I'm glad you know how to retrieve data. Anyway, your data may still be retrievable. On the subject of cutting down the cost, if you have mastered the soldering skills and have proper tools, you might try replacing the burned TVS diode. How To Dispose Of Old Hard Drives

Instead, use an angle cutter, which is similar but sounds less cool. It is true that most consumer forensic companies do not have access to tools to recover data from drives that have been wiped, but there are tools out there that will VirtualMark The freezer trick worked for me too - a friends drive had mechanically failed and we had no options - it wouldn't start. 15 minutes in the freezer - tried Check This Out http://www.mrseb.co.uk/ Sebastian Anthony Awesome :) Loren Pechtel My understanding is that it could also come from the bearings sticking.  Whatever the details of the cause the basic pattern is the same-it's

How did you approximate a ‘clean room' environment? How To Destroy A Hard Drive Without Removing It Ask a question and give support. In this scenario, it makes sense to consider all manner of other options.  If data recovery is the highest priority, than you need to balance your decisions with the question of

Some people here have been around computers for decades.

Don't use a zip-lock they aren't airtight. Loading... On June 22, 2012, my primary hard drive, a Samsung HD103SI, quietly passed away. Destroy Hard Drive Drill FBackup just checks for changes and new files, so it normally takes about five to ten minutes to run for my daily backup, and often only two or three minutes for

Using your own analogy of the cost of shoplifting being baked into the goods they sell in a supermarket. Sign in to make your opinion count. If I'm wrong about the latter then I'd be grateful if someone woukd tell me what I'm missing. this contact form TechSpot is a registered trademark.

I took the humble option, trotted over to an auto parts store, and picked up a rear window defroster repair kit. Even your response to my comment is using absolute statements to problems based on assumptions that may not be true.  Example: "The only time the "dirt broke and nothing to lose" They do so, because often you have only one chance to access the drive and extract its contents. motor burnout?

Be it in a fireplace or hobo barrel (preferably the latter), you may be able to get a normal fire hot enough to liquify your hard drive. If you feel a driving desire to do any of the above methods without proper safety gear and precautions, please, consult a psychiatrist. just for 10-20 minutes max and may be for 2-3 times. Swapping out the PCB eliminated the 12 beeps, but accomplished nothing else.