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If youwould be comfortable plugging in a new CD-rom drive and executing a fewsimple unix prompt commands, you probably won't have much trouble withthis. These steps are unnecessary if you are adding Western Digital's My DVR Expander to an unmodified TivoHD. Note that this approach only works with 4TB drives (e.g. The maximum total internal + external capacity for every high-definition TiVo is 2.2 TB (2.0 TiB).

TivoHD XL (TCD658000) Add the 1TB Western Digital "My DVR Expander" external drive (300 HD hours total) Pros: Takes 5 minutes. Thanks for sharing it! This will fix any disk errors that resulted due to any missing data from the source drive. Updated 3rd July 2009 - Add note about external drive options.

Winmfs Tivo

Some drives and enclosures are more reliable than others. The following video may help. 2) Open the TiVo BOLT. Drive Expansion and Drive Upgrade FAQ Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by bkdtv, Oct 19, 2007. We recommend doing researchfor a drive that runs as cool and quiet as possible.

Both drives should be connected to your PC at the same time. Reply Justin says: 12 Aug 2015 at 1:02 AM Hi Glen, one thing to double check is that you're using a slash "/" and NOT a backslash "\" for your device This is my site. Tivo Roamio Hard Drive Replacement Introduces potential second source of failure, since all recordings are split across both drives; if either drive goes bad, you lose all recordings. "Plug and play" external drive expansion no longer

You can remove an eSATA drive and replace it with another, but then you lose access to the recordings made on that drive. Tivo Hd Hard Drive Replacement This can be a little tricky. No. http://www.rosswalker.co.uk/tivo_upgrade/ I have two TiVo DVRs, can I move my eSATA drive between them without losing my recordings?

You should be comfortable executing a few simple command line instructions in Linux (or Windows if you choose to use the optional Windows method discussed below) although all commands will be Tivo Hard Drive Format If you have not done so already, select File -> Select Drive and select the original TiVo drive. Be aware that the MFSLive Linux Boot CD does not support drives larger than 1.1TB (1.0 TiB). Here's an example from Amazon. 2) A suitable Hard Disk to use to upgrade your TiVo. (see below).

Tivo Hd Hard Drive Replacement

Working... http://www.logicsector.com/tivo/how-to-clone-your-failing-tivo-drive-with-ddrescue/ You can use a drive larger than 1.1 TB (1.0 TiB), but only by opening the unit and voiding the warranty. Winmfs Tivo Can I use a multi-disk eSATA enclosure with RAID? Tivo Premiere Hard Drive Upgrade Remove the four screws holding the drive cradle to the TiVo (picture) with the torx T10 screwdriver.

Rating is available when the video has been rented. For more information, see the MFSLive Software Guide. If you get any messages about initializing the new drives make sure you select No or Cancel. 6) Once Windows has finished booting run the WinMFS.exe program. You can check the capacity in the system settings. Clone Tivo Hard Drive

  • I already have a My DVR Expander connected.
  • New Drives of 3TB or Less in Size.
  • I'll make sure and use df to identify the source and targets.
  • This is a hacked tivo.

Click to expand... The two compatible models are the WDG1S5000VN (500GB) and WDG1S10000N (1 TB). We're right back where we left off a few days ago w/ our Tivo. Then reconnect power to your TiVo.

Updated Jan 14th 2014 - Add note about Romio method being unconfirmed on US systems. Tivo Hard Drive Replacement Series 3 Several of them are probably featured on the banner ads on this site. But still curious.

These instructions are for use under Windows XP (SP2/SP3) and Windows Vista (32bit or 64bit) only.

Connect the eSATA drive to your TiVo with the eSATA cable. Note: Depending on the hardware in your system, you may get some warnings during the boot, but as long as you don't get an error you should be fine. Make sure you get this part correct because if you mix the two up you could end up blanking your original TiVo drive and preventing your TiVo from working. Tivo Hard Drive Image Download These type of screws have a little 'pin' in the middle of the star.

Noise ratings marked with * assume that AAM is enabled and set to 128, as described in [jumpto=aam]this FAQ[/jumpto]. Preserves all settings and recordings. The TiVo will reboot and the drive is removed. Power went out after 500G.

Refer to the FAQ below. This option is quick and easy, preserves the TiVo warranty, and preserves all settings and recordings. Does TiVo provide technical support if I have trouble with the My DVR Expander? New Drives of 4TB or Greater in Size.

Cables with a short connector are the #1 cause of problems with eSATA expansion on the Series3. Finally select the drive letter for your USB pen drive (Make sure you get this correct) and tick the box that states you want to format the drive. Can I backup (copy) the recordings on my eSATA drive to another eSATA drive of the same size? It's still in Beta (currently build 8), but we decided to give it a whirl.

These drives are certified for 24/7 operation, but also feature modified firmware to reduce seek noise at the expense of some performance. Turn on your computer and launch WinMFS. Noise Most retail eSATA products are not tuned for low-noise applications. and you should see entries for your two attached SATA drives.