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Brain Challenge - Not Not Game

Up your Brain Skills solving clever Challenge Puzzles based on orientation, logic, and colors! Totally FREE!

Swipe in the right direction to help the knight meet his love!


• Very easy control!
• Special brain teaser not not games!
• Ever-increasing difficulty challenge!
• Improve yourself with thinking games!
• Imaginative and cool iq games!
• Test your savvy, imagination, and logic skills!
• Tricky & Mindblowing Brain Teaser Games.
• Fantastic graphics and sound effects!
• Great exercise for brainly challenge.
• Easy-game for all, brain puzzles for adults.
• Many different modes, always something new!
• Great Not Not time killer!


• Swipe your finger towards the correct direction following instructions on the cube to help the knight!
• Solve puzzles to maximize your score and rewards!
• Be careful about the time limit and don’t get tricked!

Have fun getting smarter!